Cheyenne Donates Love to Make-a-Wish

Cheyenne Mountain Student Council sells stars and candy to raise money to send 3 year old Layton to DisneyWorld. 


Hearts are not just for lovers, they’re for emboldening spirits, inspiring change, and brightening smiles. 

This Valentine’s Day, in order to spread the love, Student Council has partnered with the Make-a-Wish Foundation. During Spirit Week, StuCo is raising money for Layton, a 3 year old diagnosed with cancer.

 Dori Peloso, StuCo’s Director of Assemblies and Morale at Cheyenne Mountain, gleefully said, “[Make a Wish Foundation] raises money for kids who are really sick to help them live their dreams in a way that they wouldn’t be able to without the funds, and it really focuses on community and building community, not only raising money.”  

To help Layton meet his favorite superhero Spiderman and travel to DisneyWorld, StuCo has planned a week dedicated to Layton. Donate a star, wear a hat, or purchase Candy Grams, and don his favorite color yellow. 

StuCo has been a proud sponsor of the Make a Wish Foundation, holding fundraisers each year for a child and raising money during school dances and Spirit Weeks. Despite COVID-19, the love never runs out. 

Pay it forward and participate in the community this year. The hearts of Cheyenne always raise the biggest spirits for the greatest of causes. 

Layton has Stage IV Wilms Tumor cancer, a rare kidney cancer that affects children the most. At a young age, he has endured surgery for the removal of his right kidney, as well as finishing 7 months of chemotherapy for the spread of cancer to his left lung. 

Purchase stars for $1 from Monday through Wednesday or buy a Candy Gram for a friend or crush for $2 during your lunch period. Go the extra mile and participate in Hat Day from Thursday to Friday for only $1. Donations will be made at the front of the school building. 

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  • Layton with his skateboard. Credit: Make a Wish Foundation

  • Layton as a patient in the hospital. Credit: Make a Wish Foundation

  • Layton at the pumpkin patch. Credit: Make a Wish Foundation

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