It’s Not the Size of the Float, but the Heart that Matters

Cheyenne Mountain’s Homecoming game kicked off with a trail of endearing fans gliding on floats. 


Chris Moody, Editor-in-Chief

Cheyenne Mountain’s Student Council team organized the twelve year tradition of the Homecoming parade on Friday, October 1, beginning the long trek from Broadmoor Elementary to Gold Camp Elementary. 

Seven floats coasted on black asphalt, wheels squeaked as they rode on, and extravagant decorations adorned the bodies of the trailers with Greecian pillars, bright balloons, and olive branches. 

Pounds of rainbow-colored candy sailed in the air to delighted children and parents, collecting the sweets by the handfuls in bags as they waved to the Cheyenne Mountain cheerleaders, Student Council, the boys Lacrosse and Soccer team, and the Colorado Springs Firefighters, emphasizing community building and school spirit. 

Student Body President Senior Dori Peloso expressed with glee, “I feel so incredibly overjoyed when I get to be on the float because I’m surrounded by people who I love, and there is a giddy excitement that everyone shares. The kids look so very happy when you throw candy at them.”