The Pink and Green Battle for Victory

As the rain poured down on Cheyenne Mountains Football field, all eyes were on the Senior and Junior girls as they settled their dispute in this year’s powderpuff game. Which class would turn out the victor of this gripping night?


  On September 29, Cheyenne Mountain erupted with an explosion of excitement over the Homecoming tradition of Powderpuff, where junior and senior girls brawled on the turf in a game of football to fight for the superior class.

  Due to lightning strikes at the scheduled time of the event, the game was postponed. As the seniors, decked in pink tie-dye and patterned bandanas, waited for the skies to clear, they raved in the school gym. 

  They jumped and sang in anticipation for the game to begin. Who knew the senior class could produce such a caliber of noise? 

  With frigid rain falling down to the field, both sides had stunning starts, with the girls completing great passes and runs. Although the scoreboard barely changed early in the game, the fans had high hopes for what was to come.

 The stands were electrified as the junior and senior boys conducted their sides of the crowd with cheers and chants. The two sides competed with one another with phrases such as, “We can’t hear you!” yelled across the field.

  The girls were led by seniors, Sophia Gagliardi and Dori Peloso, and the juniors, Alina San Agustin and Alisha Eager. Each team had practiced for weeks to be the best players on the field.

  When the first half ended, the senior and junior boys marshalled the crowd to attend the halftime show, a completely separate competition in-of-itself, with the boys competing to see who had the better dance. Both sides were sporting extremely short jorts, headbands, facepaint, and their Powderpuff shirts. By popular decision, the junior boys were voted the superior dancers.

  Senior Raife Manjarez said, “I think that since we had a bigger group of guys, it was harder to come up with dances to include all of them. The juniors had like 10 people so their dance looked a lot cleaner.”

  With the girls giving it their all, the juniors came out the victors of the night, with a score of 14- 6. 

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