As Pucks Fly, Cheyenne Wins Another Game

Cheyenne defeats Woodland Park in hockey, bringing home a 14 win streak.

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  • Cheyenne Mountain huddles to celebrate their victory against Woodland Park. Cheyenne continues to bar down their win streak to 14-0.

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Lilianna Martinez, Reporter

Cries of excitement, hockey sticks banging on the wall, and the grunts of Woodland Park fill the ice hall as the final box score reads 7-0.

An exceptional defeat against Woodland Park this past Friday at the Broadmoor World Arena Ice Hall hyped our boys hockey team up,” Woodland Park was a good team, but we just kept up our intensity. I made the saves I needed to in order to secure a shutout, and the team scored and played their hardest to secure the win. Now we are turning to our next opponents and continuing to improve in every aspect of the game,” Goalie Grant Bevan (1).

During the second half of the game, a puck flies over the plastic barrier and into the crowd. The heads of our opponents fly back as the game is paused so the referee can get a new puck. Muscles tense and sticks hit the ice as the puck drops.

“Good win, we swept our league and went 7-0, it felt good to defeat league play. Nick Hallee was our winning score,” head coach Erik Austin said. 

With only a few minutes left on the scoreboard, Nick Hallee hustles down the ice and scores, bringing the total to our winning score. The crowd was ecstatic.

Another good game to the season, Cheyenne Mountain is ready to have an anticipated win against Doherty on February 11 at the Ed Robson Arena.