The Hawks Huddle Week #7

Seniors Kate Twede and Cedar Collins huddle together for warmth under the cold sleet of the stadium, watching the game with intensity. Photo Credit: Chris Moody

Chris Moody, Editor-in-Chief

Cheyenne Mountain’s football team pounded their Palmer Ridge competitors on Thursday, October 14 with a confidence-boosting 59-6 score.

Shivers and cheers reverberated against the metal fencing of the stadium. The pillar lights shone brightly on the waxed white helmets of the players. Sleet fell heavily on the capped hats of fans, screaming chants until their breath provoked fog. 

The teams persisted, and with each clap, the maroon board struck another orange colored letter. 

This is the team’s last home game of the football season. To celebrate, each boy decked in shoulder pads and knee protectors oozed tenacity and pride at this colossal win. 

“As a senior, it hit me hard that this was the last home game of the season. It ended strong, but it still hurts me hard that I’m going to be leaving all these proud boys,” sighed Senior Jimbo Birchfield, #55 offensive center.