Football Raises Student Spirit During Homecoming Spirit Week


Chris Moody, Tyler Nord, Editor-in-Chief, Reporter

Under the white stadium lights shone football boys donning maroon jerseys, savoring their countless wins and the thought of dancing at Homecoming the next day.

Through glossy white helmets, they heard each roar of spirit emitting from the bleachers, fueling their desire to walk off their turf victoriously. 

With every bang of a drum and honk of a trumpet, they felt each rhythm pound in their hearts through their plastic shoulder pads, evoking an intensity to never withdraw their faith

Tristan Charles-Student/athlete at Cheyenne Mountain, 09 and the safety for the lineup stated, “We went into the game treating like any other game, giving it our all and just trying our best. We were trying to break a losing streak for our homecoming games which is what motivated us to push on towards victory”.

Merciless in their actions, Cheyenne’s varsity football team rounded off Homecoming week with a glorious score of 57-6. 

Bouncing on the bleachers, fans enthralled by each toss of the brown pigskin belted chants, keeping the packed rows hysterical and thrilled with the endless gains. 

Members of Pep Band could barely keep up with the melodious rhythm of the press box, sounding off touchdown after touchdown.

Concessions couldn’t satiate the crowd. The air wafted of buttered popcorn and sugary candy, tempting fans to eat for endurance through the long night. 

“It wasn’t about the winning, it was about the team spirit and how everyone was there for each other,” said Senior Rylie Mitchell.

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