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The Hawks Huddle Week 4
September 22, 2021

  As Friday’s night game commenced, fans could hear the announcer kindled high hopes for another victory. The Hawks kicked off the game with a 3-0 winning streak.   But as the night grew darker and colder, an...

Red-Tailed Hawks Sprint to the Finish Again
September 21, 2021

 On Friday, September 3rd, strides of growth were made, showing some athletic aptitude. The JV boys team ranked high, taking first place. The JV girls team has yet to be scored. The varsity team boys ended up taking...

Mountain Moments Episode 1 Podcast
Mountain Moments Episode 1 Podcast
Ella Dorpinghaus, Bennett Murray, Tyler Nord, Reporters • May 19, 2021 Welcome to the first episode of the Mountain Moments podcast. Today we are going in depth to cover time tested and innovative study methods...

Senior Superlatives 2021
The Mountain News Staff May 19, 2021

Seniors Leave Crumbs of Wisdom
The Mountain News Staff May 19, 2021

“Do your homework, it affects your grades more than you think” -Grace Johnson “Stay Motivated” - Caroline Johnson “Push through it” - Zoe Fritts “Enjoy...

May 19, 2021
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'YOU' Season 2 and the Perfect Boyfriend
Alexandra Hall, Editor in Chief • March 12, 2020

In 1945, the idea of television programs appearing in color seemed out of the question. Let alone a running series depicting the acts of a serial killer. Over the past twenty...
Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch
Clementine Gigot, Reporter • March 2, 2020

For those of you who have seen The Grand Budapest Hotel, be prepared to be wowed again. And for those of you who haven't seen it, be ready to experience the genius of the...

6 Reasons Why You Should Read
6 Reasons Why You Should Read
Javiera Rojas, Chieftain Reporter • January 18, 2019

6 Reasons Why You Should Read It’s 2019 and teens are still dubious about the importance of reading books. The alternative to that today seems to be scrolling endlessly...

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Lindsey Zamboni-Cutter
Lindsey Zamboni-Cutter
Social Media and Communications Editor and Reporter

Lindsey loves writing. She feels that writing is both an escape and a way to learn more about yourself. Lindsey loves many forms of writing, from articles to poems. Lindsey writes for the Broadmoor Magazine...

Chris Moody
Chris Moody

As a young student in English back in junior high, I wrote a dramatic story on the different perspectives of a young boy in love, a foolish rabbit, and a black crow. The boy’s young love died, the rabbit...

Zachary Gregory is a junior and it is his first year writing for The Mountain News. He enjoys being able to write with more freedom rather than writing to answer prompts to satisfy a teacher. He is very...

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