Variations on a meme

Cheyenne Mountain Students’ have their own meme page on Instagram that posts on a weekly basis. It’s creator takes popular meme formats and localizes them into a laugh and helps release students from the daily school grind.

Whether you have Instagram or Twitter, we all get the meme. Students are drawn into the seemingly random, relatable, often inclusive joke in an image for a quick laugh.  Whether “Dm” and “love” it, the man behind the page knows exactly how everyone else feels. From Bernie in Mittens, to the distracted guy to the Ghost Memes.

“Making others feel less alone in that and other struggles is always a goal for me”.  The Cheyenne Mountain Student behind the page said. He has been through everything that he posts about. He posts to hopefully help people through the commonly shared struggles and even wants to start sharing resources for whatever people need help with. 

He added, “ Going forward I would like to be more proactive about spreading local resources and helping local students.”

He is aware that his comedic material reaches almost everyone who attends Cheyenne and sees the potential for good and humor behind it going on to say “The reason I messaged him (the previous owner) and asked to keep it running was because i saw a lot of potential in having nearly every student following one Instagram page. I wasn’t exactly sure what I would do, but I knew it could be used for some positive outreach and resource sharing”. He knows that he has the power to help.

He said, “Also I find it amusing to post something and have 90% of the people I see everyday to see it”. Despite not knowing the creator’s identity, students still support him and his efforts with their whole funny bone.

Junior Aaden Jackson said “It’s a good goal, because it’s a lot easier to laugh at pain than to accept it.”

The meme page loved by one and all, is there to shine a humorous light on whoever opens up instagram, no matter how they’re feeling.