Ghouls, Ghosts, and BANDits

  Guys and ghouls alike find the spirit of the season on October 28 at 6:30pm for the second Halloween Band Concert and festival fundraiser in the auditorium.

Last October before the concert the Festival offered games with candy prizes, the costume contest, and a spooky auditorium completely decked out in spider webs and skeletons. The curtains opened and the players and band director dressed in costumes. This year will be even better.

But the Halloween Concert is more than just a fun night for the band and the audience, it plays an important role in funding the band’s upcoming trip to Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Cheyenne Mountain Symphonic Band will travel to Carnegie hall, a stage that has hosted artists like the Beatles, Lady Gaga, and Tchaikovsky. In order to play this legendary venue, Cheyenne had to be invited. All students who go will experience an adventure many professional musicians dream about.

Senior Clarinet player Malina Ceballes said, “I’m really excited about the New York trip because Carnegie hall is a very prestigious, famous stage that we are really privileged to go to. The trip itself is really exciting because I’ve never been to New York.” 

In an effort to make the trip to Carnegie Hall affordable and continue to fund the band program, the band is hosting various fundraisers: selling chocolates, the upcoming mattress fundraiser on October 29, and the Halloween Concert.

Senior Flute player Anna Allen is excited for this year’s Halloween concert, “The Halloween Concert is one of the best concerts we do all year! Last year was amazing! We played a variety of well known music, including one of my favorites, The Nightmare Before Christmas! I really enjoyed seeing everyone in the band going all out on costumes and even a lot of the crowd dressing up! I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing more people come out to support the band and performing some awesome pieces for everyone! This is a benefit concert so all donations and support is really appreciated, as we are super excited to perform at Carnegie Hall this March!”

The Symphonic band pulls together various decorations, activities, and familiar songs in order to raise money with a small entrance fee of five dollars . The audience will recognize songs from Harry Potter, The Addams Family, Phantom of the Opera, and more. All songs come from Halloween themed from movies, shows, and plays. The three bands help to pull together the magic of Halloween.