Lights, Camera, Coffee

 Nothing is better than the smell of coffee and tea with the warm feeling of cookies melting in your mouth while discussing theater. 

  The high school drama club and Cheyenne Mountain students met January 17 for the annual Coffee House to raise funds for their upcoming trip to perform some monologues in competitions against other schools. They also advertised their new spring show called “Puff.” “Puff” is a magical play that includes some aspects of Harry Potter and aspects of mystery and drama that leaves the audience in suspense the whole show. 

   Sophomore Sam Elliott said that, “  [Coffee House] is a big part of a lot of people’s lives and it is an enjoyment to a lot of people’s lives in the school and around the world”.    

    Featured actors include Junior Finnly Macdonald who played the Ukulele and sang a song from the film Mean Girls and Nataly who gave a speech for her upcoming competition for the Speech and Debate Team on plants vs zombies games and how they work.  

   At the end of the speech she made a really touching point that moved the audience.  She said, “the point is that it does not matter what life gives you, you make do with what you 


    Other performers included sophomore Kelton Ochsendorf who played “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones on the guitar and sophomore Shannon Paine  who played an original song called “Pillow Forts” on her guitar, and Abby Ditlow who delivered a really touching monologue. The monologue was about a teenage girl who is never good enough for her mother no matter how hard she tries to be.  

     The opening of the night was a skit about Harry Potter and which house is the best. The  drama club captains, each representing a Hogwarts House, had an orderly fictitious fight. The debate started with Gryffindor making the strong point that they are the strongest and the bravest out of all the houses, that they can go and fight in action because they are not afraid like the other houses. 

  The House RavenClaw argues that although they are not the bravest, they are the smartest and they use logical thinking and don’t just think on bravery and impulses. They are also the best wizards because they know how to think and act according to the situation at hand. 

  Slythern argues that they are the best because they have the best house decorations and the best villains.  They also lay claim to the best characters like Draco Malfoy and professor Quirinuse Quirrell. 

  Lastly Hufflepuff, the peace keeper of the houses and practically the baby of the houses, said that everyone is the best in the house because of their  good qualities and without each other the school wouldn’t exist. 

  Hufflepuff said that they love everyone and that they should stop the fighting because it’s not worth it and everyone should love each other. 

  The audience voted and they picked Hufflepuff. Because they are filled with love and care about everyone,not just themselves. 

  During the intermission I interviewed Sophomore Jayden Jones said that this event matters because it shows how much effort actors are willing to put in for their audience. Sophomore Gabe Sutherland said that he likes to see how talented the people of the school are. 

  After the short skit sophomore captain Abby Diltow commented , “ acting is an important thing to me because I love telling stories and I found through acting that it is my favorite way to tell stories. Sophomore and captain Sam Elliot said, “ When I was five, I used to stand in a storm cellar to perform and I would force my parents to watch.” 


Abby Ditlow added- “In sixth grade I got bigger and I started getting compliments for the role so I thought it was something I could be good at so I took lessons and thought I could do more in junior high.”

Sam Elliot revealed that,-”it has just been a part of my life since I was five and performing in front of my parents.” 

    Knowledge of the whole crew played Harry Potter Trivia . This game tests if you read the book or if you’re a poser or at least to most of the movies. After all the wonderful acts it was time for students to play a game where they create a story based on how different members of the game created a picture. At the end of the game they did a story on Chicago and they all made the famous deep dish pizza. Although they did not know much about Chicago, they did hit the image of the deep dish pizza with their bodies and imaginations.