Lucky strands making bands


Mark Mallory

Cheyenne Students purchase their “Lucky Bracelets” from Senior Evelyn Osinski

Wind that twine, It’s bracelet time. Cheyenne Mountain High School’s NAHS club is hosting a fundraiser where they are selling bracelets to raise money for the upcoming district art show.

The bracelets are sold during both lunches Thursday and Friday at a table by the main stairwell for $3 each. All the funds go straight to funding events for NAHS and events they’re putting on for the district art show. 

Junior Cadence Johnson said, ”We are doing this to support the district art show which is coming up soon, and to get the name of our club out there,” and “If we can become more popular, there will be more activities that we can do. Last year, in the District art show we had to do activities and were very limited due to our budget, the more people can give to our club the better the art show will be for families, and for little kids.

NAHS isn’t a new club, but it has recently gotten a lot of new members,” and “Our overall goal is to spread an influence of art throughout the school, and selling these bracelets is one way to do so. We want the art program at our school to grow essentially.” 

This fundraiser will also spread the popularity of the club and its art, with just a simple addition to their attire.