Round One: the Fight for Boxing


Two guys in a ring and only ones coming out on his feet. the one sport where one feels empowered where the adrenaline rushes through the body as one fights for glory and to prove strength. 


At Cheyenne Mountain High many students want to partake in this activity and feel the rush in this sport. They wish to partake in this sport because they want to hone in on the skills required for the sport and so they can hit people…unsurprisingly. 50% of the students who were asked if they would like to box said that they would highly consider it.  


One individual in particular however deeply considered boxing.


Junior Eathan Edwards said he was greatly intrigued in this sport. Ethan said- “i’d love to participate in boxing because even if im not athletic i can become very athletic very fast if i put in the work, and it’s a very prideful and rewarding sport from what i’ve heard”. 


Boxing is as old as paper. It was first invented in 668 bc. However boxing isn’t simply for competitive athletes in a ring. The activity works every body part, from stamina to arm strength. This sport is a lot of fun and produces amazing results quickly. Lots of  boxing lessons involve striking a target, it’s a terrific way to practice hand-eye coordination. 


According to Harvard Health Publishing, boxing can have practical effects like making people feel more awake or making it simpler to carry out regular chores like navigating through a bustling kitchen. 


After a terrible day, there’s simply something about throwing punches that may alter people’s perspective.  Bad day? Good news! Your name is on a large bag of sand. 


 Unfortunately despite its advantages,  there are obstacles  to implementing boxing as an extracurricular activity. Students must agree and parents consent  to punches to the face,which isn’t something that most parents or school administrators find appealing. 


Since boxing effectively teaches pupils how to defend against other people, many claim that it could promote bullying. It is also clear that the sport is related to injuries. It can be horrifying to see a man knocked out cold, and it’s even worse if it happens to a 16-year-old student in front of his peers. Because schools don’t want to cope with these accidents and incidents, it is forbidden at school. Cmhs should offer this as a sport because not only would it be extremely popular among the students the benefits are immense. 


Thirty minutes of boxing in a ring will burn 400 calories, 30 minutes of punching a bag burns 200 calories, and 30 minutes sparring with a partner burns 300 calories. boxing in a ring ranks 13th among 178 cardio-based exercises. The list for boxing benefits go on and on but why explain it when people can go try it and see for themselves.


Despite it being very rare for schools to offer boxing as an extracurricular 2 schools in Colorado do offer this exhilarating sport. First is EngleWood MS, this school is a very active school and boxing was widely asked for by the pupils attending this district. Next is Clear Creek HS, Clear Creek also offers boxing but it is offered as a club so you won’t be competing against others it is mostly for sharpening your skills. Just the fact that these schools offer this as a sport is a nice change of pace.