More Than One Way to Win a Season

Cheyenne Mountain’s Football team may not have won state, but they won the spirit of their fans.

Fritz Berggren, Reporter

After suffering years of defeat, Cheyenne Mountain’s Hawks switched up on everyone. One of the worst teams in Colorado has proven their worth once again with a record of 8-2, winning almost every game they played with a 30 point lead.

This new found victory for the Hawks did not come easy though. Early in the season, Cheyenne lost several could-be star players due to injuries requiring surgery. Junior Grant Kunkel, Running Back #21, was critically injured in his second game and was out for the rest of the season.

With the team disheartened and ready to give up the team had to change and evolve, putting new players in the spotlight. Sophomore Quarterback, Bruce Archambault III took the team to a new level with over 1200 passing yards. Seniors Nico Gagliardi, Owen Growney, Sully Moon, and Jesse Boley also led the team and brought them to new heights. 

The coaches reminisced on their devotion to the game. putting all their time and effort into making the team better, they persistently watched the game film, made plays, and raised team spirit. The team took the coach’s dedication to heart, and played for them and the fans who cheered them on.

“You never know when your last play is.”

— Coach Saravis

On November 5, the Hawks played against Golden’s Demons in their first playoff game in nine years. After a long fight and several plays, Cheyenne’s football season was cut short. They lost their battle against Golden 47-6. Cheyenne played their hearts out, with Archambault being voted Player of the Game.

The Hawks made every play count, trying their best to prove that they deserve to be there. They all have a new shared respect for their teammates and are glad they made it this far in the season. Fans are extremely excited to see what this newly reformed team has in store for next season.