Gods, Goddesses, and Togas

Cheyenne elevated their spirits celebrating the beloved high school tradition of Homecoming with an Ancient Greece theme.


Juniors Jessie Duytschaever, Cameron McKerlie, and Marcella Bee flex their best togas for Toga Day in Zeus’ hallway under the lightning bolts, exerting their strength together. Photo Credit: Chris Moody

Welcome to Ancient Greece. Halls and corridors throughout the school are adorned with olive branches, puffs of clouds, lightning bolts, and white and gold balloons radiating the feel of Mount Olympus. Cheyenne elevated their spirits celebrating the beloved high school tradition of Homecoming with an Ancient Greece theme.

Homecoming’s Spirit Week was a release from the throes of enduring COVID-19, where for five days, students could reveal their growing school spirit through various festivities. 

Each hallway was decorated with famous Greek gods and goddesses, capturing the likes of Aphrodite, Zeus, Poseidon, and Apollo and Artemis, inspiring students to adorn their outfits with Greek regalia. 

The days brought a buffet of good looks and boisterous creativity, as Dress like an Olympian, Maroon vs. White, Pink vs. Green, Zeus vs. Hades, and Toga Day provided ample room to support full fashion. 

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  • Junior Amirah Griffin pulls Sophomore Catherine Roalstad’s hair in an all-out brawl between the classes, fighting to gain the win. Photo Credit: Chris Moody

  • Senior Kayla Swanson and Junior Alexis Ellias pompously display their rivalry for Powderpuff by donning pink and green, respective of their classes.Photo Credit: Chris Moody

  • Junior Chris Bonilla celebrates Toga Day in StuCo by throwing candy during the Assembly while wearing a homemade toga and a Eucalyptus leaf belt. Photo Credit: Chris Moody

  • Junior James Fiddler gets ancient on Toga Day, wearing a green crown of vines and a homemade toga. Photo Credit: Chris Moody

  • Sophomores Vianey Garcia Ramos, Elsie Hanson, and Catherine Roalstad show off their pink Sophomore pride by donning colorful facepaint and ruffled tutus together as friends. Photo Credit: Lilianna Martinez

  • Juniors Mariam Arrabella Lopez, Haley Alex, Taylor Sievert and Virginia Wadington sit outside during lunch on Maroon vs. White day, coordinating their spirit wear and painting their legs and faces to celebrate Homecoming week. Photo Credit: Lilianna Martinez

  • Sophomores Caroline Mann and Katelyn Judi represent Cheyenne pride by wearing maroon Cross Country clothes on Maroon vs. White day. Photo Credit: Lilianna Martinez

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