Magical Moments

Thunderous music, shaking floor, and spirited dancing. The Ancient Greece themed Homecoming of 2021 is a night full of memories.


Getting some fresh air and resting their dance moves, the boys talk about the night amongst each other. Photo Credit: Lindsey Zamboni-Cutter

Lindsey Zamboni-Cutter, Mark Mallory, Social Media and Communications Editor, Reporter

The event started with a couple of brave souls in slim-fitting cocktail dresses and dress shirts and pants standing on the dance floor, and it ended with blistered feet, smiling faces, and melted makeup.

“High school memories. High school moves so fast, if I didn’t go, my 25 year old self would regret not taking advantage of the opportunity,” said Junior Sylvie Robinson, one of the respondents to a Mountain News survey.

“Low” by Flo Rida pulsed through both upperclassmen and underclassmen. So did the ground. It shook. Forcing even the reluctant students on the dance floor to bounce, without even moving their feet. Friends spun each other, couples slow danced, and everyone jumped and joined each other in the cupid shuffle. 

Hit songs from the early 2010s like “Fergalicious” by Fergie blared from the turntables of the DJs, and with each electronic lyric, excited screaming followed. Students were told not to crowd surf, and a short dance battle broke out. Three hours later and everyone attempted to catch their breaths between every laugh. Students rushed to beat the parking lot traffic, leaving their voices on the dance floor hoarse the next day.

When not dancing inside, students walked around the courtyard with their significant others or friends. If walking as a couple, they would be having love-filled conversations about their passions and later plans. If they were walking with their friends, they talked about what they would be doing after, or their dance prep beforehand.

“It will be an enjoyable experience, whether with a date or not, hanging out and being with friends. I believe the dance will be full of fun, and many memories will be made” said a survey respondent.

 The Chex-Mix and water bottles outside were devoured in 30 minutes. Dozens of students were in large games of tag. 

My freshman year homecoming was so much fun and I would love to have that same experience again this year,” said a Mountain News survey respondent.