The Hawks Huddle Week #4

Photo Credit: Chris Moody

Photo Credit: Chris Moody

Chris Moody, Editor-in-Chief

  As Friday’s night game commenced, fans could hear the announcer kindled high hopes for another victory. The Hawks kicked off the game with a 3-0 winning streak.

  But as the night grew darker and colder, an air of humility surrounded the players.  The Hawks lost the game 10-27 to Pueblo East. 

Despite the Hawks’ point spread the team realized an important lesson– the value of losing.

   “The best part of the game was losing. The team realized that we were not as invincible as we thought we were,” said Senior and middle line-backer Fritz Berggren #22.

  After the game the team huddled and shared their awareness of the night’s loss. Berggren stated that the team realized that they had not played as hard as they should have, and pledged to work harder. 

  Despite the loss, fans witnessed solid plays by quarterback Bruce Archambault IV #15, tight end Colin Ragain #58, and running back Zach Johnson #8.