Cheyenne Mountain Rebels Run for the Gold

The Cheyenne Mountain Cross Country team had their first official meet in Edwards, Colorado at Battle Mountain on the Saturday of August 28th, 2021. The tedious drive was worth the wait, as the participation was outstanding.

Tyler Nord, Reporter

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  • Cheyenne Mountain Senior Joe Kirwin gives his all in the final stretch of the Battle Mountain 5K race. Photo Credit: Tyler Nord

  • Cheyenne Mountain Junior Bryan Kerrigan makes it into the top 10 of the Varsity race in the Battle Mountain Race. Photo Credit: Tyler Nord

  • Carter Bayer comes in as the second runner for Cheyenne Mountain, bringing home the points for the Red-Tailed Hawks. Photo Credit: Tyler Nord

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Cheyenne Mountain attended the Battle Mountain Cross Country race, ready for action. Both boys and girls varsity managed to place 4th out of ten in the outcome of the race. 

Meanwhile, the boys who were not part of the varsity race and participated in the open race for JV and C team runners got first overall and the girls placed third in the same race.

Relaxing after a substantial win, the team celebrated by swimming in a local lake together, basking in their accomplishments

The Cross Country team’s achievements don’t end here. The season has just begun, and the runners are eager for more.

In the season of 2020, the boys team achieved second at the State Championship. This year, they plan to strive for more and claim first place.

Some runners to keep an eye out for are high school juniors Bryan Kerrigan and Carter Bayer, and high school senior Joe Kirwin. It will be exhilarating to witness the future races that our Red-Tailed Hawks take to next.