Humans of Cheyenne

Freshman Ivy Ladrow describes her experience reentering the district after moving to Steamboat Springs for skiing.

Photo Credit: Ivy Ladrow

Freshman Ivy Ladrow “Moving to Steamboat Springs was definitely different but an amazing experience. When I first moved to Steamboat I realized that it was a magical place and was full of adventure. Since I knew people in  Colorado Springs, I knew it would be a little easier moving back, but I was excited about all the new opportunities I was going to get once I came back. I was super surprised that most of the people I knew before moving were still here. Something I really miss is skiing everyday because I was on the ski team. A lot stayed the same besides the fact that I don’t ski as much anymore and the school has been remodeled. One thing that has stayed the same since moving is that the people are still really nice and welcomed me back with open arms. Coming to Colorado Springs from Steamboat Springs was the easy thing. But since reentering the district, reconnecting with people I knew before was the hardest, and people did remember who I was, which was surprising. But I only remembered a few people. Something I’ve noticed was that people were more enjoyable once coming back and the academics are much more rigorous in the Springs than in Steamboat. I do miss my friends from Steamboat though.”