Head, Shoot, and Score! – A story about a new coming freshman Lacrosse player


Kylie Hansen

Ashylnn Lowenburg in front of the lacrosse net with her stick

Lover of  volleyball and Kings of Leon, freshman lacrosse player Ashlynn Lowenburg reveals what it’s like to be a new freshman athlete.


What’s the hardest part about lacrosse? 

“Im recovering from a knee injury, so that can be hard sometimes.” 

How is playing sports in High school different then playing sports in middle school? 

“It’s very competitive and there can be a lot of pressure when it comes to winning championships, especially with as many trophies as Cheyenne Mountain has won.” 

Do you see yourself having any future with athletics?

“If I’m not playing any sports then yes, I want to be an athletic coach, I even plan to take sports med through high school.”

Why do you like Sex on fire by Kings of Leon? 

  I love Kings of Leon and it helps me get ready for practice.

Why are attackers better than any other position in your opinion? 

Attackers get to be more aggressive and they have better sticks which in the long run makes it better for attackers because we get better equipment.

Do you have a lucky number?

“Yes, my lucky number is 10”

What’s something that you had to adapt to when you decided to come to Cheyenne and play sports? 

I really liked getting to meet all the new girls at Cheyenne, especially since I was new to the school.” 

What made you want to join lacrosse?

“I wanted to join Lacrosse because my friend was joining and i was looking for a spring sport” 

Other than Lacrosse do you have any other sports that you like to play?

“ I really like to play volleyball. I plan on trying out for Volleyball next year.” 

Will you continue playing lacrosse throughout your time here at Cheyenne?

“Most likely, unless there is another sport that I like better than Lacrosse but most likely I will play lacrosse throughout high school.”