Su nombre es Señora Cammarata


Her name is Mrs. Cammarata- Reporter Aryeh Alberts sits down with Mrs. Camms to get to know Cheyenne’s Spanish Bard. 

What is your favorite hobby? 

I like to scrapbook 

What’s your favorite movie and why? 

I can watch Bridesmaids over and over again. It’s too funny every single time. 

Finish this sentence “Happiness is..” 

My dogs. 

What’s your favorite music artist or band? 

Garth Brooks. He’s such a talented musician and entertainer. 

Where are you from? What college did you go to? 

I grew up in Denver, Colorado. I went to UNC for my undergraduate and Grand Canyon for my Masters degree. 

When did you learn Spanish? 

I started learning Spanish as a sophomore in high school, but I only started getting good in college. 

Where have you traveled to? 

I’ve been to Spain, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Alaska, Canary Islands, and Jamaica. 

What is your favorite place you’ve been to? 

Scotland was definitely my favorite place. I don’t even know how to explain it. When I arrived there I just felt home. Everyone was friendly, and it was so green and pretty. It’s amazing. 

Funniest travel story? 

I got detained in customs for 4 hours coming back from Spain with my students. My husband went ahead with all the luggage and the people didn’t believe that I was coming back from a 2 week trip. It’s funny now but then it was happening it was miserable.

Do you suggest people travel abroad? Why? 

Absolutely! It gives you the opportunity to see new things and different ways you can do things. Staying in Spain was the best time of my life. 

Why did you choose to teach? Why spanish? 

I have always wanted to become a teacher, since I was 15. I started majoring in English and then my Spanish teacher pulled me aside and said that I was really talented and should think of doing something to major in with Spanish. So, I switched and chose to major in Spanish. 

Do you regret the switch, or that your teacher did that? 

No, I am so glad the teacher did, I wouldn’t have this without her. The teacher encouraged me and I am so thankful for it. 

What is one of your favorite memories as a teacher? 

My first year teaching was for 7th graders, and every year we moved up together. I left the year they were graduating, so it’s as if we were graduating together. I got super close with them and it was really amazing. 

What’s your favorite word or expression in Spanish? and why? 

I love no me digas? It means you don’t say? Because it’s super sarcastic and I am super sarcastic. 

Who is a student you will never forget? And why? 

I had a student named Kalum, who passed away. But he was one of the funniest kids I have ever known. He made me laugh every single day for three years. 

What do you think is the most important part of teaching? 

Being able to relate to students. 

How do you relate to your students?

Definitely by humor! 

Why Cheyenne? 

I chose Cheyenne because the standards are so high that I can push all of my students and set the bar really high, and know they will reach it. Over the last 20 years here, I’ve seen students try super hard and push themselves. Here it is the cool thing to be smart, whereas at most schools its not. I wouldn’t teach anywhere else.