Swim like a Flis

Senior Hannah Flis swims for Cheyenne and Pikes Peak Athletics. She fell in love with swimming at a young age and has forged friendships she wants in her life forever. She has also made some great stepping stones in her career that have shaped her  today.

Trinidad: What’s your biggest achievement in swimming?

Flis: Making Sectionals.

Trinidad: How was that achieved?

Flis: Hard Work.

Trinidad: How long have you been swimming and when did you start swimming?

Flis: I have been swimming since 4th grade. So I’d say about 10 years. 

Trinidad: Why did you start swimming? 

Flis: I started swimming because my friend was swimming and I wanted to be like her. But then I made a lot of friends and fell in love with the sport so I stuck with it.

Trinidad: Who are your biggest supporters? 

Flis: My Mom and Caroline Bricker.

 Trinidad: Favorite memory from swimming? 

Flis: Senior Zones in 2021, was the best meet of my life. There’s where I got 2 sectional cuts.

Trinidad: What’s your favorite event?

Flis: 100 back 

Trinidad: What’s the best part about swimming and what’s the worst part?

Flis: The best part about swimming is being around all her teammates and seeing how hard they work which inspires her to work harder. The worst part is mental exhaustion. 

Trinidad: Why did you choose swimming over any other sport?

Flis: The funny reason is I’m really bad at other sports, but the real reason is that I feel in love with racing and being around all my teammates. I also love getting faster. 

Trinidad: Where will you be continuing your academic and athletic career? 

Flis: I’m committed to swim at Trinity college in Hartford, Connecticut.

Trinidad: What are you most excited for in college?  

Flis: I’m most excited for the environment and energy of college meets because they are super fun and I’m also excited to meet new people. 


During CHSAA’s Girls 4A State Championship at Thorntons Veteran Memorial Aquatic Center, Hannah’s 200 medley relay started with a strong 2nd place swim. She swam with Caroline Bricker (right), Hannah Flis (middle), Addyson Trinidad (left) and Emily Poe (not pictured). (Hannah Flis)
Hannah thrilled her team by getting second place in the state. (Hannah Flis)