A Peek into the World of a YouTuber

From high school student to famous YouTuber in two short years, Adam Benson shares his success as a Legend of Zelda YouTuber.


Photo Credit: Mark Mallory

Hyrule Gamer, also known as Adam Benson, is a popular Scottish YouTube content creator famous for his gaming videos, like Legend of Zelda and Breath of the Wild.

Everyone knows it. Youtube is our digital dictionary for DIY, Tips and Tricks, and Study Material. Our source for CoryXkenshin screaming at horror games, Mark Rober building inventions and using science, and Markiplier losing it at rage games. These people are all YouTubers, people who create content to bring us knowledge, entertainment, and news.

Roughly 37 million current creators are uploading 500 hours worth of footage every minute. The amount of people is growing by roughly 23% a year. YouTuber Adam Benson, more commonly known as “Hyrule Gamer,” is a 19-year old full time Legend of Zelda YouTuber from Stirling, Scotland. His fascination with Youtube started at the beginning of the golden age of the website in 2009. 

Before he became a YouTube creator, he was between jobs. Even when he eventually joined Youtube, he still felt lost trying to find the kind of content that suited him. 

His interests with other Zelda YouTubers and his father’s interest with the game inspired him to create Legend of Zelda content.

Adam creates theories and news content about the popular Nintendo game Legend of Zelda. Legend of Zelda is about a hero going on an adventure to save the princess of the kingdom Zelda from the evil lord Gannondorf.

The hardest part of a work day for him is writing the scripts for his videos. “It’s a love-hate relationship,” Adam Benson said. 

While his favorite part of his job is reading people’s comments on his videos, “It feels almost like a reward.”

His day is like most other workers, waking up at 9:00 a.m. trying not to sleep in, performing his morning routine, and beginning to work at 11:00 a.m. and finishing at 6:00 p.m. 

Even on days he’s not feeling the best, he powers on through, “I haven’t learned enough to know that I can take a week off,” Adam said. 

These little mistakes left him with more cleanup work, although there were minor differences that are easy fixes, “I feel a lot of the time it’s very easy to mask,” Adam said. 

He still needed to uphold a standard. Adam doesn’t believe in overworking himself, even if he did so earlier in his career, “It wasn’t the best decision looking back,” Adam Benson said. 

In the future of his content creation career, he said that he has plans, some of which are not related to Legend of Zelda. “I’ve thought about other YouTube projects. I’ve thought about non-YouTube related projects,” Adam said. Adam has hope that his channel will continue to grow, but wants to pick up a college study as a backup plan in case his Youtube career fails.

Adam left a few pieces of advice for his fans and beginning YouTube content creators.  Focus on writing while in school, Adam said ”Yes, one-hundred percent.” 

Adam also said “[Do not] feel pressured,” another piece of advice he gave was “as cliche as it sounds is to enjoy,” Adam said.