Spoons Out, Tentacles Up, Game On

Like a scene out of Netflix’s Squid game, many Cheyenne students, faculty, staff, and administration find themselves in a scene of chaos not knowing who is friend, foe, or prey —minus the pink suits. 


Cheyenne’s Interact club is hosting a schoolwide charity event, The Spoon Game.  The game began January 20 and will last to the end of the school year. Participants registered for $10. 

It’s like a standard game of tag, but with a twist. If you’re tagged without a spoon in hand, you’re out. You are then required to surrender your spoon and Id card.

The game this year has some newer rules on top of the original ones. 

The current rule set has the same basis, where it’s like a game of tag where the last person standing wins and gets a portion of the money while the rest goes to charity. 

The game also still has the ID card system to verify if participants have been tagged. 

The game is played throughout the whole school building, except the bathrooms, classrooms, athletic activities practices, parking lot, Locker rooms, Library, Computer lab, Student Union. 

This time around there’s a new rule that helps determine the share sizes of the winnings. The rule is that the amount of the prize pool one wins is directly proportional to how many people one tags. 




  1. Use your ink: Know how to get out of sticky situations
  2. Grow tentacles: turn your spoon into a hand-held bracelet. 
  3. Grow suction cups: stick together with friends and make alliances
  4. Use that beach ball sized eye: Keep an eye out and stay frosty
  5. Dive into the Depths: stay hidden until you’re about to strike