Cheyenne partners with Make-A-Wish for eight year-old Hugh


As Cheyenne Mountain students fantasize about spirit week outfits and Winter Dance dates, eight year-old Hugh wishes to leave his hospital bed to visit Disney World. Hugh is the school’s Make-a-Wish kid for this spirit week, and profits from the dance will go towards making his wish come true.

For senior Asha Mayott, donating is important because it has the power of “making someone’s life a little happier.” 

Student Council aims to raise $3200 that will go towards making Hugh’s wish come true. Several events have been slated throughout the week to raise money based upon Hugh’s favorites: hat day, popcorn sales, donations during Mountain time, wish stars, and Winter Dance tickets.

Lover of pizza and play-dough and Paw Patrol, Hugh has suffered prolonged seizures since four months old. At nine months old Hugh was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. Despite his chronic illness, Hugh and his family still find time for playing in the snow, playing pirates with friends, bowling, and visits to the zoo. The donated funds can send Hugh, an avid Toy Story fan, to meet Woody and the gang at Disney World.

StuCO and the D-12 community embraces the opportunity to raise funds for Make-a-Wish Colorado kids like Hugh annually. 

Executive Secretary and Treasurer Molly Jamison said, “It’s important to donate to kids like Hugh because it allows kids to feel special, when they are facing a really hard time in their lives due to illness. It allows the kids to feel like kids, regardless of their condition. Donating to Make-A-Wish really makes a positive difference in the lives of the kids they reach.” 

Children diagnosed with critical illness spend weeks, months, years in hospitals. Make-a-Wish strives to give these kids some bright childhood experiences and positive memories. Something as little as giving $1 to wear a hat can give a hospitalized kid a Disney World vacation, but more importantly a sense of normalcy.

Sophomore Elise Niskern said, “donating to wish week is important due to the community it creates. It’s really great to see people come together to rally around one cause, especially one that is going to be so beneficial to someone. I love being reminded of how much compassion and willingness to give there is in humanity.”