Cheyenne Mountain Students Unite and Lift Spirits for Charity

Cheyenne comes together to fund a child’s wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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  • Dante Lee and Jema Macaraeg were showing off their dance moves for the majority of the dance.

  • Freshman Angelina Rucker sports her froggy friend during Hat Day.

  • As the winter season blows around, so does the cold freezing air and snowy days. This season also brings with it Cheyenne Mountain’s annual Winter Dance. From left to right: Dante Lee, Jema Macaraeg, Lane Seabolt, Clara Johnson, and Tyler Nord traveled to Bear Creek Park for pre-dance photos.

  • Everyone at the Winter Dance had their own kind of style. In this photo a few people were following a certain routine to the song they were dancing to.

  • Freshman Dayton Abbott dons a Pickle Rick hat from the famous Sci-Fi TV show Rick and Morty, demonstrating his love for cartoons.

  • Freshman Kelton Ochsendorf represents Cheyenne pride by wearing a maroon hoodie and a flashy sombrero to celebrate Wish Week.

  • The theme for the Winter Dance this year was Wild Wild West and William Reilly made sure to show up prepared for the occasion.

  • Junior Maribelle Morales displays her admiration for The New York Yankees with a trendy baseball cap.

  • Freshmen Reagan Gainey, Abigail Deutsch-Erickson, and Katelyn Gresens pose in the courtyard for this picturesque moment.

  • Sophomore Aaden Jackson cuddles “My Child” in front of his friends during lunch.

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