Protesters March to “Un-Mask” D12 Students

Protesting against one of America’s fiercest topics, Cheyenne parents and students are coming together to challenge District 12’s latest mask requirements.


Photo Credit: Chris Moody

Against Cresta’s busy road, an unnamed man waved neon pink flyers on a stick with bulky black letters. Over a week, he multiplied into a Facebook group of adults and students, gathering daily and crowding once dormant sidewalks.

Their colored posters yelled, “My children won’t wear your fears on their faces!”, “Un-mask my kids,” and “Set D-12 free.”

School districts across Colorado have been left with the meaty decision to mask their students and faculty in hopes of a safer environment. 

Contested in District 12 board meetings, the mandate to wear masks was put in effect on August 22, setting controversy amongst parents and students.

On the evening of August 30, parents and students organized a protest at District 12’s monthly Board Meeting, advertising with miniature neon flyers and word of mouth. Speakers opposing the mask regulations had sparse time to present to the faculty, angering the disarray of individuals. The session was promptly shut down due to the arrest of an adult and staff member safety.

Senior Gray Schmidt disclosed, “I think [masks] are ineffective. They don’t stop you from getting anything, they don’t stop you from spreading anything, you’re wearing one just in case you might have it, and I think that’s a bad mentality. I think it enforces the idea of guilty until proven innocent because it’s saying you’re sick until proven healthy.”

At 10 a.m. on September 10, a walkout was organized where students left their classes without masks to protest at the front of the Cheyenne Mountain High School. Another two adults were arrested, and students were not permitted to re-enter the building per school policy. 

No state mask requirement for Colorado schools have been announced, leaving room for broad interpretation and loose regulations. 

Senior Endre Kereshi articulated, “I believe that masks are a must in today’s environment. Even though more people are being vaccinated and overall cases in the United States are trending down, that does not mean it is finished. That does not mean we stop wearing masks and go back to the way things were pre-pandemic. As soon as we start acting like [COVID-19] is over, it will come right back.”

Photo Credit: Chris Moody
Photo Credit: Chris Moody