Living Beat by Beat

Josh Cole tunes his skills and slides into band fame.



He began his musical journey at the age of five. Listening to Chopin E flat major on his family’s silver stereo inspired his love for music.


Josh struggles to find the words to describe the passion and love he feels when playing or making music. When he plays his instrument, he says, “You feel it in your soul.”


Passion is exactly what motivates Josh to play piano, trombone, and make arrangements for three different performances. 


At his last school band concert, Josh was featured in numerous solos, his love for music seeping through with each note.


Josh, fond of both Jazz and Classical, appreciates each for different reasons. To Josh, Jazz is freeing. Classical is melodic. And both are full of equal beauty.


Josh hopes to find a job in the engineering field. Building things is a fascination he relates to music, just like each note building onto another. Josh is thankful to his Grandpa who encouraged his drive to build.


Coming from a family of non-musicians, Josh is unique to his family. He was born with perfect pitch. This natural talent mixed with hard work and consistent practice is what Josh credits his musical skills to.