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Lucy Smith

Lucy is a sophomore at Cheyenne Mountain High School who has been in the district since kindergarten. Since she is a long time student she has several nicknames like “Ninja,” “Lucifer,” and “Denki” or some sort of pun off her name. Besides writing as a reporter for the high school’s newspaper ‘the Chieftain’ her other hobbies include dancing, writing song lyrics and reading. Her favorite book series is Wings of Fireby Tui T. Sutherland.

She participates in these activities mostly for fun and they think it's a great source of entertainment (even if their not the best at it). She considers herself close to her friends and checks on them often to make sure there ‘okay’. She hopes that she will not be seen as the ‘mom friend’ though, just as a person one can depend on. Sometimes she and her friends like to play “truth or dare”, or “who's most likely to.” Also Lucy is a member of Drama Club and Book Club. She joined the drama club because she wanted something new and out of their comfort zone. She has been in a book club since junior high even though she usually forgets to read the actual books. It's because she usually has a lot of books to read. At the moment she has around five plus books to read, which is quite the balancing act!

Lucy Smith, Reporter

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Lucy Smith