The Chieftain

No doubt George is extremely energetic and passionate about everything under the sun. He gets involved to say the least. Nothing stops him when he puts his mind to something. Ideas come to him easily and puts a creative spin on everything. He cares deeply about all people and is especially protective of the people close to him.

As a junior at Cheyenne Mountain, he developed an interest in journalism and plans to pursue a career as a journalist, a spontaneous pursuit as most things in his life.

As a new member of the speech and debate team, George has an interest in philosophy and argument. He also swims for Cheyenne Mountain. He describes himself as extremely motivated to improve and never misses a practice.

He is especially passionate about politics and advocates for human rights for everyone . He believes that everyone should have the same rights and opportunities and that no one should have power over another.

His personal motto : “No one is above another, every man is as high as any king and as low as a dog.” He believes it is the choices that make a person who they are, nothing else can truly define someone.

George Rojas-Booth, Reporter

Oct 17, 2019
Catching Cash for DECA (Story/Media)
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George Rojas-Booth