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Clementine Gigot

The advantageous and spunky french exchange student Clementine has joined the tribe. She always tries to do her best when she writes articles in English and favors her newspaper class out of her many classes. This multilingual student, speaks her native language French, English, Spanish, and reads Latin. In Freshman year, she completed an internship in a journalism school and it made her want to learn more about journalism and careers in newspaper. When she arrived at Cheyenne Mountain, she decided to join the staff of the school newspaper to improve her skills in reporting and writing. Clem, as her friends call her, also likes photography and takes a photography class. Last year, she took her dad’s old camera and used it to capture moments that she finds beautiful and interesting. Clem is proud to say that she does flying trapeze. She also flew a plane after taking an aeronautic class and that she used to be on her town council when she was ten. She has many interests and is very excited about America and its offerings.

Clementine Gigot, Reporter

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Clementine Gigot