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Chris Moody

Chris Moody is a proud journalist for the Cheyenne Mountain newspaper The Chieftain. She is a sophomore and has continuously been a district groupie since Kindergarten. As an avid member of STAH, she volunteers consistently within the community in the Discovery Center Space Foundation, the Red Cross, and various libraries around town. She is also a part of the executive committee for Ambassadors’ Committee, where she supports and uplifts both new students and students in general who need a hand. She attends Math Club, Book Club, HOSA meetings, and Science Olympiad. Her support and happiness brighten many lives, as she will often create new ideas, including Care Packages, hosting meditation and yoga sessions, and bringing in treats for teachers and students. Chris runs for the Cheyenne Mountain’s Track and Field team and tries to uplift many of her fellow teammates. Chris is known by many as a sociable, sporadic person with a lot of energy, and is also known to be a hard-working individual with analytical thoughts. Chris is an extroverted, gregarious person with a lot of life.

Her motto is, “Kindness can affect lives. It’s a contagious thing, so spread it! Watch it transform lives around you”.

Chris Moody, Reporter

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Chris Moody