Hello. My name is Zoe Vaughan, and I am a sophomore on the Cheyenne Mountain Chieftain Staff. I was also on girls’ varsity soccer as a freshman. I enjoy reading, listening to music, and hanging out with my friends. My favorite books are the Harry Potter books. During the winter, I try to ski as much as I can. Skiing is a big part of my family because my mom skied her entire life. I own over 350 books. I love shopping with my grandma and playing with my dog, who is a swiss mountain dog and is named Boon. I have lived in Colorado Springs my entire life, but if I could move to any other state, it would be New York because I love the culture and busy lifestyle. My ideal career is to be an author, so that I can someday influence people the way that some authors have influenced me. Writing is one of my passions, and I am excited to bring the news to you this year.

Zoe Vaughan, Reporter