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When I was six, my family and I moved from the country of Chile to one of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai. My name, Javiera Rojas, does induce some conversations and funny pronunciations. While my Spanish at this point is pretty terrible and my English is better, it is my first language. My biggest love is music and I’m not talking about what most student peers listen to like rap and pop which to me feels more like sounds with lyrics that make little sense. I’m talking about rock music. Grunge, punk, classical rock, anything from Nirvana to Pulp to Greenday to Radiohead. Let’s just say I love Kurt Cobain, not Beyonce. Other than that, writing and reading are my passions and take up most of my time. I guess to sum myself up in a few words, the less mainstream I am, the better.

Javiera Rojas, Reporter

Jan 18, 2019
6 Reasons Why You Should Read (Story)
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