The Chieftain

My name is Grace Samuelson. I’m 17 years old. A nervous wreck of a senior. A proud Cheyenne Mountain Indian. As well as a new reporter for the Chieftain Magazine. If I ever have to interview you, there is a 99 percent chance you will be taller than me, since I’m 5’ 3”. One of my favourite books is the Tale of Despereaux because I can easily relate to Despereaux Tilling. We are both curious, clumsy, and committed to books. I am interested in literature because it's the most effective way to express oneself. I hope one day to discuss the dilemmas of the world which include, disunity, corruption, foreign affairs, the environment. But for now I will stick with discussing all the problems of being a teenager. I am excited to start writing.

Grace Samuelson, Reporter

The Student News Site of Cheyenne Mountain High School