When I was six years old, my cousin convinced me that if I ate an earthworm that was slithering in the mud, then I would become immortal. Of course, I ate the worm. Many years later, I can proudly say that I have grown out of the gullibility that children, especially ones who love fiction, tend to be entranced. That love for fiction naturally cultivated a writer with a particular knack for poetry, short stories, and music journalism. I’ve won four awards from Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and various recognitions and publications from local establishments. I run my own online music magazine called Rocka Magazine on which I post articles and interviews about artists. Aside from writing, I am known for creating playlists and being a barista at a local coffee shop. My goal is to fill my life with words, good ones hopefully, and keep earthworms out of my diet as best as possible.

Alexandra Hall, Online Editor