Everyone Can be a Hero

All heroes come in different types. They come in A-positive, B-Negative, and universal O type. Yes, blood donors are heroes. They save lives.


Clementine Gigot, Reporter

On Wednesday, October 23 Cheyenne’s StuCo organized the annual Blood Drive this year. Forty-three people from Cheyenne Mountain, 16 year olds and older, had selflessly donated blood and saved and changed lives in the process. The Blood Drive is a fundamental part of Cheyenne. And over time, it has become a tradition. Vitalant is the chosen organization for Cheyenne Mountain’s Blood Drive this year.

Blood donor and StuCo President Senior Liam Hybl stated, “It might be a little painful but saving lives is pretty valuable and it’s the least I can do.”

Hospitals around the United States face a blood shortage crisis and giving blood requires minimal time and effort to make a difference. They desperately need it for vital blood transfusion in order to keep patients alive and well. Every two seconds, someone in the United States severely needs blood, and this need spreads all throughout the Colorado Springs community, too.

StuCo was successful this year and hit their quota, with an average of 40-50 participants attending and willing to donate. Vitalant was surprised and pleased with the turnout.

Vitalant collects blood from its approved donors, and distributes the many pints of lifesaving blood to their 1,000 hospital partners. Each donor gives a pint of blood or more, the equivalent of one small Dutch Bros Coffee beverage, which can save up to three lives.

But wait, it’s not too late to donate! StuCo has another Blood Drive in the making in the Spring every year, and Vitalant has its own donation center.

As senior Alexis Realini said, “I always enjoyed helping others and this is just one other way that I can help out.”

 StuCo wants to make an impact in our community, and sees a need to change the world as others see it, and donating blood is just one way in which everyone can be a hero.