Winter Sports Wonderland

Aidan Hybl is a freshman hockey star.

Aidan Hybl is a freshman hockey star.

Hannah Hoffman

Hannah Hoffman

Aidan Hybl is a freshman hockey star.

Hannah Hoffman, Editor-In-Chief

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Kevin Hooks (11): Wrestling

Faveorite part? The tournaments because it’s fun to compete

Least favorite? Practices because they are very difficult.

Other sports? I play football and I’m on the bass fishing team.

Career? Engineering

Chinese or Mexican? Mexican food

Mythical creature? Leviathon (a snake that will destroy the world)


Aidan Hybl (9): Hockey

When did you start? I started this year with my brother.

Other sports? I also play lacrosse and tennis.

Favorite class? Social studies.

Sweet or salty? Sweet.

Harry Potter house? Either Gryfindor or Hufflepuff.


Macy Feign (11): Basketball

Favorite part about team? Since the team is small, we’re all really close.

Practices? We run a lot and then just go through plays.

Least favorite? It’s a lot of work and it can be hard to balance games, practices, and school.

Other hobbies? I play soccer and volleyball too and I’m in the band.

Sweet or salty? Sweet.

Favorite 2000’s icon? Fergie.


Hannah Frei (12): Equestrian

When did you start? When I was about four years old.

Why did you start? I really loved horses and my parents thought riding would get it out of my system.

Favorite part? Riding new horses, and especially riding challenging horses because they’re very exciting.

Coffee or tea? Tea for sure.

Favorite class? Sports medicine.

Favorite Harry Potter character? 

Definitely Hermione.


Dayna Wahl (10): Swim & Dive

Favorite part? Definitely the people that I swim with and the relationships that I built with so many people.

When did you start? I started when I was five years because I had four older siblings who swam.

Least favorite? Morning practices

Coffee or tea? Tea.

Sweet or salty? Sweet.

Diet? I don’t diet or anything, but I try to eat healthy even though I just eat whatever.


Mason Wayne (12): Basketball

When did you start? I began in grade school, first or second grade.

Why did you start? I wanted something fun to do and my parents thought  basketball would be fun.

Favorite part? Winning games probably. No matter how bad you play, it’s a team sport.

Mexican or Chinese? I just went to Coal Mine Dragon so Chinese food.

Mythical creature? I just went to Coal Mine Dragon so the dragon.

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