All Pride No Prejudice

Cheyenne Mountain students flaunt a renewed pride in their school.

Cat Wright, Reporter

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A fall Friday night, a slight breeze in the air, a blinding light beaming from the stadium, a touchdown was just scored against Cheyenne’s known rival Air Academy in overtime; a touchdown that arguably changed the spirit of Cheyenne Mountain 2017-2018 school year forever.

Looking back on the past three years and pride was scarce. Not much cheering, not much maroon, not much face paint. This year is different, and the the raging student section shows it.

Unlike students who typically only have a four year high school experience, some teachers can truly see a student body grow. In this case Mrs. Mueller, an eighteen year teacher at Cheyenne Mountain, has had the opportunity to observe the ebb and flow that surrounds school spirit.

“I remember several classes that had a lot of school spirit, and it was always because they had really well respected, excited seniors leading the spirit. This year I have already seen better school spirit than we’ve had for a while,” Mrs. Mueller expressed as she grinned showing excitement for the future.

One of those “well respected, excited seniors” is Zach Reddish, an avid leader for Cheyenne pride, who simply is trying to make his final year in high school memorable

“Something I always say is you’ll never regret going. The worst thing that could happen is you go and you get to hang out with your friends and get a good laugh in. You only get one high school experience so why not enjoy it,” said Zach with an optimistic look on his face.

Zach without a doubt inspires the student body to take pride in what it means to be enrolled at Cheyenne Mountain. But the question is whether or not a legacy that boosts school spirit will be left behind for future generations of Cheyenne.

“I hope I will leave a legacy, but once I leave it’s not really up to me. By making this year as fun as possible hopefully others will step up next year and try to make their high school experience fun,” said Zach.

Zach also stated he wants the student body to have more fun. Every other Friday students are encouraged to wear their maroon and white to show that the community supports the school. In the mornings, face paint is also offered to students that want to express their devotion towards Cheyenne Mountain full heartedly.

School spirit is contagious. When a sea of maroon floods the hallways and when every student has paint artistically placed on their face, no one can deny a want to join in on the spirit. Football games are no exception.

At all home football games, Zach can be seen firing up the student section, typically peppered with maroon and white, but special occasions call for special apparel: games against known rival Air Academy call for white outs and games during breast cancer awareness month brings out the pink in the student section. Cheyenne Mountain pride chants are yelled throughout all four quarters to fire up the football team and keep the students intrigued in the game. Known for his spirited voice that can be heard leading every chant, Zach has a true talent of bringing a student body together.

With the participation of fall sporting events at an all time high, it evident that every student at Cheyenne is partaking in school spirited activities, the proof is in the paint.

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All Pride No Prejudice