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Caught in the Net

This December the FCC will vote against net neutrality, which censors and inhibits information to the users of the internet. We must realize that soon the world will be captured by the FCC and their corporate net.


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Internet is truly the best invention of this century.

It opens opportunities from research into current events, to entertaining us with exclusive internet content, to messaging old friends and family. The internet yields extensive information throughout, without any repercussions. It equalizes the leveling in our class system society, where information is universal and free. Whether opening up a news article to learn about current events or leaning back and enjoying a podcast on YouTube, the internet gives on a daily basis for all users.

I can’t wait to receive a bill for liking a post on Facebook

This December, the Federal Communications Commission plans to vote against net neutrality yet again to open a free market of internet service providers and an allowance of the government to institute regulations on the Internet.

The world needs to realize how powerfully the new ruling will impact society. Not enough people understand the devastation that a vote against net neutrality would bring. Net neutrality is a paradigm in which the internet is not controlled by internet providers such as Verizon and Centurylink. The policy was implemented in 2015, when the FCC passed the Title II  of the Communications Act where broadbands are classified as common carriers and cannot manipulate the internet that they provide. The lack of control from these companies allows all websites and domains to be freely accessed without delays or “roadblocks.”

“Getting rid of net neutrality would inexorably censor protests and complaints, limiting free speech and challenges the First Amendment.”

The internet is a free highway to all websites in which no domain is discriminated against or separated from the grasps of the user. In other words, streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) or social media sites (Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) would be managed in a fashion where the internet provider offers money transactions to boost speed on the domain..

The earliest that the new act could be repealed would by 2020, limiting the internet for two years. Net neutrality delivers opportunities to protest or criticize organizations anonymously.

The internet service business is instituted together by a monopoly. Large organizations like Verizon or Comcast control large regions and prevent a free market environment from existing.

Mercury News included Apple’s response to Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai’s decision. “We work hard to build great products, and what consumers do with those tools is up to them- not Apple and not broad band providers.” said the Vice President of public policy in Apple.

Among other factors, net neutrality is an important issue that is being settled this year. Internet won’t be as expansive and free as it has been for its entire existence.

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Caught in the Net