Trading His Keys for a Fishing Rod: Cheyenne’s beloved Reggie Says Goodbye After 35 Years

If you were to ask a Cheyenne Mountain high schooler who their favorite staff member is, Reggie Serna would likely come to mind. From corny dad jokes to a simple “how are you?” Reggie Serna always manages to brighten the Cheyenne halls. 

Reggie has become a core member of the D12 community, with the student body’s instagram meme account “@cmhsmemes_” describing themselves as a “Custodian Fan Page” and featuring Reggie in nearly every post.

Reggie Serna has been working at Cheyenne Mountain High School since 1987. He first worked as a night supervisor at a hospital, when a friend mentioned a job opening in D12. “I actually worked at a hospital, and one of my coworkers left and I wasn’t sure where he went. So, then I ran into him at a home repair shop and he told me ‘hey there’s an opening at the high school, just try.’ So, I went over and applied and got the job a few days later.”

Of all the craziness he has seen at Cheyenne, Reggie says senior pranks stick out as his funniest memories. “One year someone stuck like nine tires over the flagpole. We did not know how they did it. I was laughing, but my boss didn’t think it was so funny. I looked at things in a different way.” He went on to laugh about the years seniors released animals, like chickens or crickets, in the school building. To Reggie a senior prank is funny when “there is nothing broken, nobody hurt – just ordinary kids having some fun.”

Reggie is due to retire on October 31, 2022. After Cheyenne he plans to “bother his wife and fly fish a lot” and keep generally busy. He describes himself as someone who needs to stay busy all the time, explaining how he doesn’t even really want to retire. “I love the kids, they just make the day pass by faster.” On the other hand, after 35 years of work it will be exciting to have some more down down and much deserved rest. Cheyenne will certainly miss Reggie, and we at the Mountain News wish him well in his retirement.