Cheyenne Puts on Their Boots for Charity

StuCo hosts a dance to raise money for Make-A-Wish.


Mark Mallory, Reporter

Saddle up Cheyenne Cowboys, and Cowgirls, the annual Winter Dance on February 5 from 8:30-11pm has galloped in, with a little sheriff waiting for her dreams to come true. Students can buy tickets during both lunches for $15 or at the door on the day of the dance for $20.

StuCo organized the spirit week to pump up students from January 31 to February 4 in order to raise awareness for the “Make-A-Wish” foundation and the dance.

“It takes a week or two to pick our spirit days,” Student and StuCo member Sofia Gagliardi said. 

During this spirit week, students can participate in the events. Monday is “Bring anything but a backpack” day, where students can bring anything but a backpack to carry their supplies. Tuesday is “Cowboys vs Aliens” day, where students can dress up like a cowboy or an alien. Wednesday is ”Pink Out” day, where students can get decked out head to toe in Kahlani’s favorite color. Thursday is “Country vs Country Club,” where students choose to dress up like they’re from the countryside or going to a country club. Lastly, Friday is “Maroon and White” day, where students can wear maroon or white clothing to exhibit their Cheyenne Mountain pride. Thursday and Friday are also hat days. Pay one dollar at the main entrance to a StuCo representative to wear a hat for the day. The restaurant “Paninos” has agreed to donate the money made on Friday to the Make-A-Wish foundation for Kahlani.

This spirit week fundraiser follows the tradition of sending the funds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation so they can support a local child’s wish. 

It has been a tradition for our winter dance’s charity to be Make-A-Wish, we select kids that are local to our community in order to give back to our community. So, it’s kids helping out kids!” Sofia Gagliardi said. The money from the fundraiser will grant three year old Kahlani’s wish of going to Disney World. Young Kahlani was sadly diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms tumors on both kidneys at the age of 2. So give back to the community and help little Kahlani achieve her dream of going to Disney World.