“Kidnap Mr. Kenefsky”

“Get expelled”

“Have enough credits to graduate”

“Please Mr. Deines”

“Sleep for three days straight”

“Go skydiving”

“Go to prom”

“Get a tattoo”

“Camping with friends”

“Talk to George Booth Rojas”

“Skip a day of school”

“Do a backflip”

“495 Deadlift”

“Sleeping without worrying about homework or studying”

“Have a senior skip day”

“Winning state individually for track in the 100m and in relays”

“Just survive”


“Get abs”

“Have enough credits to graduate”

“Leave nothing unsaid”

“Make it onto the school roof”

“Road trip with friends”

“Senior prank”

“Skip a class”

“Take no finals”


“Get into college and skip class”

“Getting a date to prom”