Hungry and Ready to Feast

Boys Lacrosse secures their first regular season game winning 19-5 against Jefferson Academy on Tuesday May 4.


Sophomore Kevin Papa lurking behind goal before scoring the OT winner against Erie.

Nick Robledo, Journalist

The Cheyenne Mountain boys lacrosse team is back after being stripped of their 2019-20 season. Ranked second seed, the boys are ready to get back on the grind for state.

Cheyenne Mountain has always been intimidating to see on the schedule and will continue to be a superior force on the field. 

“The teams looking lethal.” Junior Hunter Kolbezen sees this year’s team as “The strongest and most capable set of guys I’ve played with.” The team is full of confident guys with a winning mindset. The bar is set high.

Long time varsity players Griffin Meyer, Zak Paige and Aidan Hybl are the selected captains for this year’s lineup. Paige will be directing the mid-field with Meyer commanding defense and Hybl leading the offensive lines

Senior Grant Burlingame and Sophomore Matthew Kelleher are geared up in the cage this season. This will be both their first year playing goalie for the varsity squad.

Head coach Mike Paige’s practice ethics are demanding. Pre-season focused on being conditioning intensive so players could get back in shape. Miles of running endured each practice so they can outrun every team is a must. Every practice is treated as if they are playing in state the next week.  

“We will keep our dominant play going,” Zak Paige said. “With our adept sophomore class we have talent unmatched in every position.”

Perhaps the team’s most effective trait is their conditioning and physicality. The boys are expected to outpace, out work, and out play their competitors. With the team being in pristine physical condition they are ready to take on anyone.

The team won’t see any rest through the season as th

ey are treating every team as one they can lose to. Underestimating teams can turn into losses due to a lack of preparation. 

It’s hard to say which teams will be fierce competitors because of the lack of season last year. Although games Cherry Creek and Golden will be tough battles.

Games against Cherry Creek and Golden will be tough battles. Although it will be hard to know who the other tough competitors are. Since there was no season last year players on each team will be a surprise.

May 1 was their first game. Beating Pine Creek 21-3 really kicked off the momentum for the season

The team plays eleven games with the regular season ending on June 7. Six of these games will be league games that will contribute to their play off spot. The final game of the regular season is against Tompson Valley on June 6.

If the team makes the playoffs, the post season starts June 17. The state final game will be on June 22. Show up to cheer on and support the boys lacrosse team on their journey to another state title.